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Troy's Marine Broker based in Wedgeport, Yarmouth County, majors in selling new and used fiberglass commercial fishing boats, work boats, barges, fishing licenses, and used gear. The boats are designed for the North Atlantic Lobster fishery. THESE VESSELS CAN BE SHIPPED WORLD WIDE.

Troy's Marine Broker Renowned for offering the highest quality of services and the utmost respect to clients and affiliated parties, Troy's Marine Broker is committed to representing and assisting fisherman in getting the best prices for marine products. Dedicated to respect, prompt service, and punctuality, Troy's Marine Broker represents boat owners and fishermen during the selling and buying process of boats, gear, and licenses. President and Founder Troy Doucette guarantees swift, effective services and fair representation, making Troy's Marine Broker a trusted name in Nova Scotian boat and associated product sales.

Doucette has spent the last thirty years working either as a fishermen or right alongside them. Born and raised on a wharf in southwestern Nova Scotia, Doucette began buying and selling lobsters while working for the prestigious A.L. Leblanc Ltd. at the age of 14. Doucette also worked in the Leblanc family's boat shop, developing expert skills in fiberglassing, building, and refits while also studying and attaining his captain's papers. He continued to work for A.L. Leblanc for the next 25 years while also serving as a deck hand on the herring seiners the Lisa Anne and Tasha Marie. He worked on the Margaret Elizabeth, docked in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick, during the off seasons and eventually became mate of the vessel ship.

After establishing himself as a trusted name in the fishing community, Doucette opened Troy's Marine Broker and has been working hands on with every customer ever since. Troy's Marine Broker is also available in the case of an emergency, helping to find vessels for fishermen to lease in the case of a boat breaking down or other crisis situation. Troy's Marine Broker also retires and sells full license and vessel packages.