Our listed vessels receive exposure to potential buyers through our website, commercial trade shows, etc..


We will handle all negotiations between buyers and sellers to the get to the fairest market value for the vessel.


We will put you in touch with shippers to make vessels available anywhere in the world.

Want Us To Sell Your Boat?

If you’ve considered selling your boat, permit, or used equipment, Troys Marine Brokerage is a trusted name in the industry and will sell your boat as quickly as possible, hassle free. All listings will be published on our website and will be marketed worldwide in front of thousands of people. Trusting your broker can be challenging but Troys Marine Broker puts their customers needs first and keeps customers coming back. Let us know how we can help.

Let us to do the dirty work.

Buying From Us

Troy's Marine Broker Renowned for offering the highest quality of services and the utmost respect to clients and affiliated parties, Troy's Marine Broker is committed to representing and assisting fisherman in getting the best prices for marine products. Dedicated to respect, prompt service, and punctuality, Troy's Marine Broker represents boat owners and fishermen during the selling and buying process of boats, gear, and licenses. President and Founder Troy Doucette guarantees swift, effective services and fair representation, making Troy's Marine Broker a trusted name in Nova Scotian boat and associated product sales.

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